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About Us

Italian company specialized in international import / export in the food sector.

The Company Take&Way

Vision, mission, organization

Take&Way is a dynamic Italian company operating in the food industry, with an import/export market in several European and non-European countries.

Take&Way takes care of choosing, proposing and selling, in optimal logistic conditions, a range of selected food products, intended for   restaurants,   pizzerias, catering companies, hotels,   shops and specialized stores.

Take&Way aims at following the standards of food distribution, according to ethical and trust principles that guarantee its stakeholders the best operating conditions, following and protecting the production and supply sources, on a global market that brings out the needs of consumers who pay more attention to the authenticity, the goodness, the quality of the gastronomic products, both Italian and international.

Take & Way guarantees the value of the proposals of   reliable partners, with whom they share the passion for high quality products, due to the constant monitoring of their genuineness, their goodness, their conservation.

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